Sale, Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services for the Middle Market

Strategic Acquisition Search and Advisory

While many investment banks shy away from acquisition work and focus on selling companies, we view acquisition search and advisory as a primary focus of our firm and have a successful track record of assisting clients in consummating transactions. We do not place limitations around transaction size as we have represented billion dollar companies in making large acquisitions and we have represented middle market companies in making smaller acquisitions. We approach all assignments with the same level of priority and senior level commitment.


At Third Coast Capital Advisors, we take a very organized approach to assisting companies in making acquisitions by providing the following support:


  • We consult with our clients upfront to review and refine their acquisition strategy and to establish parameters and objectives

  • Through extensive research, we identify target companies that meet our clients acquisition criteria

  • We make contact with appropriate acquisition targets and we facilitate a strategic dialog

  • We review the target’s business and assess synergies and fit with our client's business

  • We evaluate the target's historical and projected financial performance and help to identify risks and opportunities

  • We provide advice on valuation/purchase price and transaction structure

  • We assist in the discussions and negotiations with the target

  • We assist, as appropriate, in the preparation of an internal presentation for our client’s board of directors or executive management team

  • We can help coordinate the due diligence process and review due diligence findings

  • We can assist, if needed, with securing the funding to complete the acquisition

  • We work with our client’s legal, tax and accounting advisors to facilitate the closing of a transaction

  • We can assist, as appropriate, in developing and implementing the post closing integration plan


Please click on the link below to read our white paper on Strategic Acquisition Search.

Conducting a Successful Acquisition Search


Sale and Divestiture Advisory

Third Coast Capital Advisors understands that each of our clients is unique and has different objectives that need to be considered prior to recommending a specific strategy for ownership transition. While many M&A firms recommend a "broad auction" process to sell a business, many private business owners seek to strike a balance between a premium price for their business and a process which is more discreet and limits disruption to the business.  In this competitive business environment, maintaining confidentiality and controlling the flow of company information is of paramount importance.


For corporate divestitures, objectives in a transaction can vary from those of private business owners. Speed and certainty of close are often high priority elements of a corporate divestiture process.


Whether it is a private sale or a corporate divestiture, a customized sale process with appropriate advance screening of potential buyers can meet varying client objectives.  We commit to understand the individual goals of each of our client’s and then recommend a transaction and a strategy that best satisfies those goals.


Corporate Development Services

While many companies are interested in expanding through acquisition, partnering or joint venture arrangements, they are often reluctant to invest in a dedicated corporate development group at the company or the current group is busy with other responsibilities. At Third Coast Capital Advisors, we can provide corporate development services on an outsourced basis or we can provide assistance to an existing group on a project basis. Where appropriate, we can also assist a company in establishing an internal corporate development group. We have worked with in-house corporate development groups at a variety of companies and we have developed a best practices approach to the corporate development function.


Other Advisory Assignments

We understand that companies often require assistance with unique situations that go beyond a straight forward sale or acquisition of a business. These situations often require some level of advisory support, but may not require the full menu of services provided by an M&A advisor. We can be flexible in terms of our engagements, including fee structures, based on the specific needs of the client. We have the interest, flexibility and experience to advise companies on any of the following situations:


  • Representing a seller or buyer in an exclusive negotiation with a single counter party;

  • Assisting a CFO in raising or refinancing a senior debt facility;

  • Raising subordinated debt or equity for acquisitions, liquidity or growth;

  • Assisting a management team in a buyout from a corporate parent or private owner;

  • Assisting an individual or corporate shareholder in buying out other shareholder(s); or

  • Other services such as strategic alternatives analysis and M&A related valuations.